Keego City Three E-Bike

Life-quality on wheels

City Three

City Three is a great bike for a fantastic price. With a 10Ah battery and a 250W motor it is a versatile everyday bike.

Keego City Three E-Bike Front

That Extra Oomph!

You got stuff to do, places to be, shopping to move. You could get the bus, but it is a bit stuffy feeling in there these days. You could you use your non-e-bike, but those hills are steep! City Three is an affordable work horse that will speed up your life, with a bit of style if we may say so.

She’s a beaut’, ain’t she?

Not only is this e-bike a really practical daily bike, it is also a real looker if we may say so ourselves!

Keego City Three E-Bike Mid Drive
Keego E-Bike Saddle
Keego E-Bike Battery
Keego Handlebar

Where do you want to explore today? On average, European’s travel 28 km back and forth to work every day. And with the way streets are gridlocked these days, taking a car that can zip around in 100 kilometers per hour doesn’t make sense anyway. Why not take an e-bike which takes you to and fro with just as much effort as you feel like putting into it?

Front-Hub Motor

Our 250W, 36V front-hub electric motor will pull you towards your destination in style.

City Three has a comfortable up-right seating position and a practical front carrier, perfect for your daily shopping.

Keego Wheel Hub
Keego Handlebars

Specifications –


Front-Hub motor
36V 250W

Up to 25 Km/h

36V 10Ah battery
Removable for servicing

Battery can be charged on or off the bike
2A, 220V / 36V
Charging time 4-6hrs


LED display, 3-level assistance

Left-side brake lever, Front and rear brakes

7-speed shift level, rear derailleur

Aluminum alloy, Zoom

38T x 170mm, alloy. 1/8″ STEEL TOOTH

Vinyl cover