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Ideal Cargo E-trike For Medium Deliveries


The Keego SCOUT Delivery E-trike is a jack-of-all-trades, designed specifically for various kinds of delivery tasks with a top speed of 25 Km/h.

SCOUT is a solution for medium weight delivery with a total load capacity of 85 kilograms. There are cargo racks both front and back, which provides multiple and flexible forms for delivery. Multiple sizes cargoes can be safely transported by SCOUT. Keego offers a selection of baskets as well as hard and soft cargo boxes that can be mounted on the racks depending on your needs.

It can legally drive and park everywhere a bicycle can and is easy to park and load/unload the e-trike even when it is heavy with cargo.

Scout - Delivery Ebike Front Rack - Keego Mobility

IoT Enabled Ebike

The Keego Scout Delivery E-trbike has a built-in IoT Module that continuously sends information to the driver’s APP and Fleet Manager portal. The modules are safely integrated in the frame where they can’t be stolen and are protected from damage. The module uses the latest mobile communication for fast and reliable data transmission. Together with Keego’s Driver’s APP and the Fleet Manager Portal, our complete solution makes it easy to upgrade, grow or start a delivery company.

A Jack-of-All-Trades!

SCOUT is an ideal E-trike meets all your needs. Speed up to 25Km/h, the maximum load capacity of the cargo is 85 Kg and spaces for multiple cargoes. Keego offers a number of cargo boxes with different shapes for your need, that can be mounted on both front and back racks. The e-trike also has a display that shows riding data.

We understand the value of branding. Inquire about getting your Keego bikes and cargo boxes in your corporate colors. With your logo, slogan and contact information, each bike will be strong advertising. Depending on your requirements, minimum order quantities apply.

Mid-Drive Motor

The Mid-Drive Motor 250W motor gives you a top speed of 25Km/h with balance of a low and middle center of gravity. This helps you get yourself and your cargo from a to b stably and comfortably!

Scout - Delivery Ebike Middle Motor - Keego Mobility
Keego Handlebars

Specifications –


Mid-Drive Motor
36V 250W
Brushless Motor

Up to 25 Km/h

Carrier battery with 40 cells, 36 V / 504 Wh
Back-rear battery with 50 cells, 36 V / 522 Wh

Battery can be charged on or off the bike



Shows time, travel, speed, and battery status and more

Shimano 8-speed Acera derailleur

Aluminum alloy

Front and rear disc brakes

FRONT Double-walled aluminium spoke wheel, 20″, 36 hole
REAR Double-walled aluminium spoke wheel, 24″, 36 hole

Cargo Racks
Front and back racks hold 85 Kg

Front light Sate lite 40Lux
Back light Sate lite with rear reflector