Keego Terrain Two E-Bike

All on the up and up

Terrain Two

Terrain Two is a great e-bike with a strong mid-drive electric motor that can take you up and down hills without breaking a sweat.

Keego Terrain Two E-Bike Battery

What’s up yonder?

One of the many great things with a mid-drive e-bike is that you can set the gears just like when you are pedaling which means you can get extra help going up the steepest hills.

She’s a beaut’, ain’t she?

Not only is this e-bike a really practical daily bike, it is also a real looker if we may say so ourselves!

Keego E-Bike Mid-drive Motor
Keego E-Bike Saddle
Keego E-Bike Back Wheel
Keego Handlebars

Where do you want to explore today? On average, European’s travel 28 km back and forth to work every day. The Keego City One can go up to 100 Kilometers on a full charge so this leaves you plenty of range left for all the other rides you need – shopping, picking up kids at school, exercising or just explore the world!

Mid-Drive Motor

Our mid-drive electric motor has plenty of torque to get you going and can help you reach as much as 25 Km/h.

That is more than twice the actual speed of car traffic in many congested cities around the world so in other words – plenty!

And since the bike weighs so much less than one of those big hulking 4-wheelers, you are consuming a tiny amount of electricity.

Keego E-Bike Mid-Drive Motor

Specifications –


Mid-Drive motor
36V 350W

90 Km – 100 Km
Up to 25 Km/h

36V 14Ah, 504Wh
Removable for servicing

Battery can be charged on or off the bike


For riders 160cm – 190cm (5’4” – 6’2”)
Standover height: 77.5cm (30.5”)
Weight: 25 kg

Shows time, travel, speed, and battery status and more

7 speed shift lever and rear derailleur

Aluminum alloy, Zoom

Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes

38T chain wheel

Comfortable saddle