Why Ebikes are Better for Your Courier Business

Especially in urban areas, ebikes offer the best value for Last Mile Deliveries. Similar to a bicycle it can ride and park just about anywhere.

And like a motorcycle it offers the driver speed and power to help make deliveries easy.

Save time by parking the ebike closer to the delivery location. In many jurisdictions save money on taxes and parking fines.

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Lower Tax & Insurance

Depending on the jurisdiction you’re in, Ebikes do not need to be registered.
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Easier to Travel in Cities

Free from the traffic jam and able to ride with passengers.
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Higher Efficiency for couriers

Without being trapped in the traffic jam, the order completed number grow.
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License Free for everyone

You don’t need a license to ride a EBike, meaning more people could become your riders.

Why is Keego Your Best Delivery Partner?

Keego offers a complete solution for delivery companies to be green and profitable.

With purpose-built IoT-enabled delivery ebikes, a driver’s APP and our Fleet Manager Portal, our system is the most complete solution for upgrading, growing or starting a delivery company.

■ Rider Friendly

A sturdy double kickstand makes it easy to park and load/unload even when it is heavy with cargo.

■ Fleet Manager Portal

Track the location for each ebike in your fleet to for example see who would be the best located to handle a pick-up.

■ Made for delivery

Delivery bike purpose-built for deliveries with a total of 100kg load capacity and an IoT module that provides real-time telematics.

■ We fit your brand!

With your logo, slogan and contact information, each bike will be a strong advertising billboard.

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why ebikes are better for courier business

Why Use Ebikes for Deliveries?

According to research, ebikes, if used to replace car travel, have the capability to cut car CO2 emissions in England by up to 50% (about 30 million tonnes per year).

Adopting to ebikes can not only benefit your courier business, but the customers, the restaurants, and eventually, the environment.

We Believe That Together We CAN Fix the World

At Keego Mobility we believe the future of transportation is best human-powered and electricity-assisted. The ebikes are manufactured in Taiwan and shipped to partners around the world.

As the world is installing more and more renewable energy, electric bikes will just become better and better for the environment we depend on for our survival and well-being.

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