BBC Click features Keego in show about eScooters in the UK

Dec 17, 2020
Keego eScooter featured on BBC Click

BBC Click does a great job breaking down the existing situation for eScooters in the UK. Keego’s eScooters and our partners Luna are shown as the future of micro mobility and urban transportation.

As supply chains, the sharing economy and battery technologies have improved over the last 10 years we have seen new solutions to the huge problems that cars and fossil fuels cause for pollution, safety and city environments built around them. Some of them, like the dock less bike sharing craze a few years ago ended badly.

As the trials of rental escooters begins in the UK, they are starting to flood the streets of cities around the country. But are some of these riders still breaking the law? What should the laws be?

In this new episode, BBC Click takes a look at the rules surrounding the light electric vehicles, and what is being done to help make these safer for everyone.

At Keego we are happy to see our escooters featured together with our partners Luna.

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