Delivery robots vs. Human Couriers, which is better?

Oct 6, 2023
Delivery robots vs. Human Couriers, which is better

What would you think if robots could deliver meals and groceries to your house?

In 2018, the first grocery robot delivery service was born in the UK, and in 2019, while the pandemic exploded, the first American food delivery robot started it’s work at George Mason University. Robots also deliver medicine in hospitals and provide room service in hotels. Delivery robots are still in their infancy, and while they can help us with our daily lives, some problems need to be solved, let’s take a look!

The advantage of delivery robots

1. Efficiency: The biggest difference between humans and robots is that robots won’t get tired, they can work anytime as long as they have enough power. Using delivery robots can offer customers services 24/7.

2. Cost-saving: Robots can help people with some simple jobs, like for example room service delivery. It works quite well, which can help reduce costs.

3. Less contact: During the pandemic, delivery services could prevent people from having to interact which can reduce the risk of transmitting diseases. Using delivery robots can further decrease this risk, so it’s reasonable for them to start developing in the pandemic.

4. Sustainability: Delivery robots are electrical with zero-emission, which can help to green the last mile delivery industry.

Sideway delivery robot working on the sidewalk.

The disadvantages of delivery robots

1. Technical limitations: Delivery robots still have a long way to go. When facing complicated situations, robots might not be able to solve them, and there are still lots of people who prefer interacting with other people, so couriers are the main option for now.

2. High maintenance fees: The manufacturing and maintenance fees are relatively high, so it may not be the most economically effective option for delivery companies. Also, delivery robots are more complicated than vehicles, they might cost more to repair and maintain or may have only one company that can do the job which drives up the cost.

3. Safety and privacy: Another concern is about the safety and privacy of the customers. The delivery robots work with cameras and sensors on the device, but it is not clear how the videos will be used or how long they will be kept, so they may compromise the privacy of individuals. How will the data they collect be used? If the data is hacked, it might cause serious safety concerns.

Data safety is a serious problem to be concerned about - Keego Mobility

4. Traffic problem: There are sidewalk and on-road delivery robots, both of which have different advantages but also have different problems. Street robots are usually relatively large, and might cause a certain degree of danger to others. As for sidewalk robots, they may compete with pedestrians for space and may cause trouble to people in wheelchairs. These are still problems that have yet to be fully solved.

Why do we still need EV if robot technology is soaring?

Using delivery robots is an unstoppable trend, and more and more delivery companies start to use delivery robots to do deliveries, so why do we still have to work on electric vehicles?

According to a research project, commercial vehicles accounted for about 19% of the overall miles traveled in London last year, but the emission reached 30% of the transportation sector in the whole city. So it apparently is a serious problem that needs to be solved. Though more and more European countries are setting up zero-emission zones in their cities, pushing the usage of electric vehicles, it’s still too little. There are millions of couriers working on the road, and more than 70% of them are using gas scooters as their delivery vehicles, which costs a lot to the couriers and is also negative for the environment.

Gas scooters are widely used as delivery vehicles - Keego Mobility

Couriers can’t wait, nor can Earth

As delivery becomes more popular, there are more solutions to the related problems. Keego Mobility offers the best delivery vehicles for couriers, to reduce their vehicle costs and increase their earnings. Using ebikes can reduce emissions, making the last mile delivery industry greener, and preventing our Earth from harm. The couriers can’t wait, nor can Earth.

Keego Delivery Ebike KG4 is best for couriers. - Keego Mobility

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