Keego Partner Nimbnet Launches First EV Fast Charger

Sep 12, 2023
Nimbnet Launches Their First Electric Vehicle Fast Chargers at Gotland Ring

On August 31, Keego Mobility’s partner Nimbnet launched its own fast charger at the famous race track Gotland Ring in Sweden.

The station is now operational and serves delivery trucks, the audience’s cars as well as the electric racing cars.

The charging station is capable of delivering an astonishing 350 kW of power and even more astonishing, 100 % of the electricity used at the facility is derived from sustainable energy sources (wind and solar).

Nimbnet Fast Charger Gotland Ring

Keego Mobility’s Director of EMEA Sales Magnus Wall was on location to applaud our friends at Nimbnet and of course also tell all the EV enthusiasts in the audience about our fantastic delivery ebike KG4. This was especially important since BBC’s famous car TV show Top Gear was on location shooting their show Speed Week!

Keego Mobility KG4 and Nimbnet Lightning Hub Flag

Learn more about Nimbnet’s Fast Charger at Gotland Ring here.



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