Keego Mobility Announces Irish Fleet Management Partner iQuTech

Mar 5, 2024
Mark O-Sullivan from iQuTech

Keego is proud to announce our Irish Fleet Manager Partner iQuTech. iQuTech is also Keego Mobility’s logistics and support partner in Europe and will set up a new division called iQuTech Mobility that will leverage their extensive operations to provide Irish delivery companies and their couriers with Keego Mobility’s purpose-built, sturdy delivery ebikes and world-class maintenance and customer support.

“We are excited to help the last mile delivery market in Ireland become more sustainable. The couriers who deliver our food and online purchases deserve the best service,” says Mark O’Sullivan, Co-founder, iQuTech. “Keego Mobility’s high quality products and our extensive service network will ensure that couriers will maximize the use of their delivery ebikes.”

iQuTech also sees great potential in Keego Mobiility’s ebikes for the First Mile Collections business where couriers can also pick up goods being returned, saving consumers the need to drop a package off at collections points or a post office.

In Ireland, the Online Food Delivery market is projected to reach US$1.16bn in 2024 and is still growing. The Grocery Delivery market is also expected to grow, reaching a market volume of US$0.91bn this year.

Using electric bikes to deliver greatly cuts down on CO2 emissions. And this is something that is appealing to the customers. According to a study made by the delivery platform Just Eats, more than half of delivery customers want to know more about the carbon footprint of their takeaway orders.

First unveiled at the Taipei Cycle Show in March 2022, Keego Mobility’s delivery ebikes are built to handle the hard work of daily deliveries with long range and low total cost of ownership. The front and rear racks save the couriers from having to carry their cargo in a backpack, making for better ergonomics and ensures the food arrives as the chef intended. The company is co-founded by Irishman Philip Corri. Born in Dublin, Mr. Corri moved to Spain for his studies and eventually moved to Taiwan for work where he eventually met his other two co-founders and started Keego Mobility.

“We are excited to partner with such a strong Irish company such as iQuTech. There are thousands of couriers in Ireland that spends every day driving around on a fossil fuel scooter. When they switch to one of our delivery ebikes, there are 98% less CO2 emissions, quieter streets and the couriers will not have to carry cargo on their backs, truly a win for everyone,” says Philip Corri.

Anyone interested in iQuTech and Keego Mobility’s offerings can visit this new website to sign up to receive more information:

About iQuTech
iQuTech has been providing manufacturing support services for companies such as Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, and Apple since 2005. In Europe, they offer these services from facilities in Ireland, the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Poland.


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