5 Ways An Ebike For Delivery Makes More Money

Feb 21, 2023
5 Ways A Delivery Ebike Makes More Money - Keego Mobility

Couriers who use gas scooters or bicycles, when people ask them to switch to ebikes, they may ask: “Why?”

People think that scooters/mopeds have a higher top speed than ebikes and that bicycles are more eco-friendly. So why should anyone switch to ebikes for making deliveries? But what if using ebikes can help couriers earn more money overall, doesn’t that sound more attractive?

Using gas scooters and ebikes as delivery vehicles have both advantages and disadvantages, so we’re going to discuss five reasons why professional ebikes for delivery can help couriers to earn more.

1. Lower Your Expenses

Depending on what kind you buy, purchasing a gas scooter might be cheaper than ebikes. They have been manufactured for more than a hundred years and the suppliers know what they are doing. But gas scooters cost more for daily usage, especially lately as gasoline prices are soaring. Include license, insurance, oil, oil filter and maintenance and that “cheap” scooter becomes quite expensive. Around the world, couriers often spend about 20% of their income keeping their scooters on the road.

Couriers spend about 20% of their income keeping their scooters on the road - Keego Mobility

A good quality ebike doesn’t cost as much to maintain. In many market’s, our partners lease out Keego’s ebike for delivery KG4 for less than 10% of a courier’s earnings, including maintenance.

This means that at the end of the month, the courier will take home more money overall.

Couriers spend about 20% of their income keeping their scooters on the road - Keego Mobility

2. Speed

A pedal assist ebike combines the best of both worlds. It has a motor that helps the rider move forward which is important especially when you carry a lot of cargo. But they are still counted legally as a bicycle. This means that an ebike can go anywhere a bicycle can, like bicycle paths for example. This means that an ebike often can get from A to B as fast if not faster than the gas scooter and of course without the courier having to work as hard as they would have to on a bicycle.

3. Break the Limit of Load Capacity and Distance

Some orders are hard for bike couriers to deliver- Keego Mobility

Bicycles are another common type of vehicle that couriers choose to use. You may think that with no expense for gas or electricity, bicycles must be the most economical choice? Bicycles are great, but because of their limited load capacity and the fact that they rely only on the rider’s own power, couriers may feel they need to decline orders that are too heavy, too big, or too far away. With an ebikes for delivery, which is able to carry heavier and larger stuff, couriers don’t have to refuse these orders. In conclusion, finishing more orders means earning more money.

Some orders are hard for bike couriers to deliver- Keego Mobility

4. Improve Your Health

Riding a bicycle is eco-friendly and you can improve your health while working. But research shows that people who use an ebike are often reaping even further rewards. The help they get from the electric motor enables them to go further and more often.

Riding ebikes can allow people to go further and more often - Keego Mobility

5. Ride greener

The main issue with gas scooters is pollution. Not only air but also noise pollution is affecting our cities and the Earth. It might not be an immediate concern to the couriers who ride gas scooters, but the pollution of our Earth is actually an invisible cost to everyone. Reducing the usage of gas scooters can improve both the environment and the cityscape.

From these five perspectives, we know that even though a gas scooter has the highest top speed, they aren’t always the quickest getting from A to B. And while a bicycle is cheap to buy, there might be parcels you have to decline due to load capacity or long distances.

Let's rider greener for our Earth - Keego Mobility

Choosing an ebike to do deliveries can not only save on maintenance, gas, and other fees but also enable you to take on more jobs. Thus, couriers can earn more, not to mention improve their health.

Let's rider greener for our Earth - Keego Mobility

 If you are interested in trying a perfect ebike which can help you level up your delivery career, why not check out our ebike for delivery KG4 now !

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