First peek at Keego’s new delivery ebike frame

Dec 21, 2020
Keego City Delivery Ebike Frame Wrapped

It is always exciting to see progress happening. The R&D department just sent us the pictures of the first frame of our new delivery bike.

Keego City Delivery Ebike Frame

As corona is raging around the world, more and more restaurants, dry cleaners, book stores and grocery stores are embracing the e-commerce delivery model. At Keego we firmly believe that this future has to be electrified and in an urban setting the ebike is the perfect vehicle. Vans are too big and bulky for many inner city deliveries. Gas mopeds are light and snappy, but come on, how long will we keep on burning dinosaur juice? With an ebike a driver can reach considerable speeds when the space allows it but can also cleanly mix with walking traffic when possible and even bring a bike into a stairwell or even an office when necessary.

With integrated telematics, fleet managers can always monitor the location and health of each ebike and use this information to plan out operations.

So us at Keego look at this unassuming first frame and see nothing short of the revolution of the last mile delivery market. Stay tuned for more complete specifications and pictures of the ebike when it is fully assembled.

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