Fun To Ride Ebikes In Beautiful Riverpark

Jan 6, 2021
Keego Ebikes in Riverside

We got this short video of a couple of ladies riding around the Taipei riverside park on their Keego Ebikes.

The riverside parks in Taiwan are fantastic breathing holes where people come out in the millions to enjoy biking, baseball, football, skating and more. Under the bridges that cross over to the other side of the rivers you often find great paved areas that act as rain-free areas for people to practice not just roller skating and skateboarding but often also musical instruments like violin or saxophone.

Like many countries, Taiwan has had to deal with how to manage water. We all need water, but we want the water to stay where we want it to; in rivers, lakes and the pipes to our houses. But just like the Nile in Egypt is famously flooding every year, so does the rivers in Taiwan every now and then as water fall in the mountains and over the cities. Instead of creating huge concrete deserts pipes like the LA River made famous by the scenes in the Terminator and many other movies, Taiwan chose a different path.

On normal flow days, the water flows through a near natural river with lot’s of greenery on the banks. On either side of the river is an overflow area and then high walls. This means that the river can rise to a hundred times its normal size before it threatens the city it runs through. These high walls have huge flood prevention doors that are closed during floods but during normal days are open to let the residents of Taiwan through to access the fantastic recreational spaces along the rivers.

Taipei Riverpark By Derek Liang Unsplash

Taipei Keelung River Riverpark


Every few years, when the river floods the parks with all their sports equipment gets messed up by the flooding waters but they are quickly fixed up. Compared with the damages done if a huge city like Taipei would flood, the costs are negligible and during all the non-flooding days, the residents have a fantastic place to enjoy and celebrate life including riding their Keego Ebikes. Not a bad deal!

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