Keego Delivery Ebike Test Rides at Eco-Festival

Sep 7, 2022
Keego Delivery Ebike Test Rides at Eco-Festival - keego mobilty

On a lovely Saturday on the 3rd of September, 2022, Keego Mobility exhibited at the Eco-Festival in Colchester. It was the second year in a row that this event was organized and attendance nearly doubled to 6500 people. It is clear that British people are hungry for information about how to be more eco-friendly.

One section of the festival was a test-riding area for Cargo Ebikes and Bicycles and Keego was there to show off our purpose-built Delivery Ebike KG4.

eco-festival Delivery Ebike KG4 - keego mobility

Here we can see Malcolm Laquis-Alden, the founder of the festival, test riding the KG4. Big thanks from Keego to Malcolm and his organizing team for a great event!

Ian Blackburn from the Cannock Hill Cohousing Community is an enthusiastic biking advocate. He took the KG4 for a test ride and then posed for a picture with Keego’s Martyn Kaye.

Malcolm Laquis Alden eco-festival - keego mobility
biking advocate and keego Keego's Martyn Kaye - keego mobility

Logistics overall and specifically the last mile delivery market is ripe for a eco-overhaul so it was great to see so many different companies and products coming out to meet the public

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