Keego Mobility Joins The Freelance Movement

Sep 15, 2022
Keego Joins Freelance Movement

Keego Mobility is proud to join the Freelance Movement association headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The Freelance Movement recognizes that all through the economy, the number of people who are freelancing, traveling as digital nomads or working as gig workers like delivery drivers, are increasing. These freelancers have different needs from fulltime employees and there needs to be legal and structural protections and services in place to ensure they are not at a disadvantage. The Freelance Movement and their members want to ensure that there are benefits that are nurtured and promoted, while negative elements are addressed and improved through cooperation between all relevant stakeholders. They are facilitating a dialogue between public authorities, government, business, trade unions and the public will ensure that we create a reality which benefits everyone.

As a provider of delivery ebike solutions, Keego Mobility recognizes that many of the couriers riding our ebikes around the world are working as independent partners. We are looking forward to joining fellow members such as Wolt and Bolt to find ever better solutions.

On November 9 we are proud to join the Freelance Movement Nordic Freelance and Future of Work Innovation Summit. Our Business Development Manager in Stockholm will share a stage with some really impressive people to discuss efficiency gains, job creation opportunities and how we are meeting sustainability goals.

  • Glen Hodgson (Moderator) Secretary General, Freelance Movement & CEO, Free Trade Europa
  • Olli Koski (Speaker) Senior Public Policy Manager, Wolt
  • David Mothander (Speaker) Head of Public Policy for Nordics and Delivery Services, Bolt
  • Paul Verzelis (Speaker) CEO, Traxlo
  • Dirk Carlier (Speaker) Business Development Manager, Keego Mobility
  • Ben Holden (Speaker) CCO, WhyWaste

See the Freelance Movement’s announcement about us joining them here.

We are also looking forward to see Freelance Movement Founder and CEO Glen Hodgson riding on his brand new Keego KG4 delivery ebike soon!

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