Why Does a Courier Business Need Telematics?

Jan 14, 2021
Keego Telematics Vehicle Tracking Map

The Last Mile Delivery market is exploding. Riding the waves of e-commerce, restaurant apps and corona isolation, the number of couriers plying their way through the cities large and small are growing fast. The market is expected to grow from about USD31 Billion in 2018 to 61 Billion by 2025.

But the days when someone could just start a delivery company with a couple of bikes or a beat up van is coming to an end. These days a courier company needs to be properly connected up with the net to receive orders and also need to be able to evaluate their fleet of vehicles. This is where vehicle telematics come in.




the branch of information technology which deals with the long-distance transmission of computerized information.

No matter if a company is brand new or have been around for a while, a courier fleet manager needs to evaluate the fleet’s performance, especially delivery schedules and estimated times. Keego ebikes are designed with an integrated IoT modules. We do not simply sell you a bike, we sell you a fleet management system.

1. Delivery companies need to comprehensively check their performance. How long do deliveries take? Are drivers using the best delivery routes? Can you provide an accurate estimated time of arrival? 

Research shows that customers care more about knowing WHEN a delivery will occur than how fast it happens. When we hear the cable or internet company say, we will come sometime between noon and 4PM, we all sigh and think of having to sit around waiting. With Keego telematics, fleet managers can keep an eye on their ebikes or escooters in order to understand why there are delays or issues.

2. Delivery companies need to provide quick, efficient work while being conscious of other costs like maintenance and parking fees/fines. 

With an ebike or escooter the power costs are negligible compared to a car or van, but not insignificant in a longer perspective. Especially if we count in the range of the vehicle and how long the vehicle can be out there before it has to swap or recharge its battery.

How is the driver treating the vehicle? A good ebike is a significant purchase and should be care for. The Keego bike has a built in accelerometer and can know if it has fallen or been in an accident.

The Keego IoT module reports the vehicle status back to the company on a constant basis. This information is a valuable tool for the manager to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction and optimize long-term utilization of the vehicles.



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