Swedish Plumbing Company Abandons Vans for Professional Ebikes

Aug 9, 2023
Keego Mobility KG4 with Cyklande Rörmokaren's plumbing toolbox - Keego Mobility

Cyklande Rörmokaren is a plumbing company in Stockholm, Sweden. Their headquarters are in a former blacksmith forge in the oldest parts of Stockholm. They are an ambitious company that aim to soon grow to other cities like Gothenburg, Malmoe and Oslo.

According to the founder Hugo Wolgers, their rapid growth can be attributed to his team of creative problem solvers. And one reason that these professional plumbers flock to his company, is the fact that they for the most part get to and from their work sites on bicycles and ebikes.

Cyklande Rörmokarens grundare Hugo Wolgers med sin Keego Mobility KG4 - Keego Mobility

If you knew Swedish, you would already know this since the name of the company, Cyklande Rörmokaren, literally translates as “The Biking Plumber”.

In the spirit of “right-sizing” – picking the cleanest vehicle that gets the job done, any heavy materials are delivered in advance and then the plumbers and their tools arrive on their bikes.

Hugo says “we got really tired of having to sit in traffic and we also realized that we could arrive both quicker and more environmentally friendly on a bike. That we are in continuous motion also means we arrive feeling more alert. Leaving the car behind benefits the customer, us and the environment.”

Finding the Perfect Ebike for Plumbing

Since the founding, the company has tested many brands of bicycles and electric bikes and have now zeroed in on their new main vehicle, the Keego Mobility KG4. Built mainly to service delivery couriers with a low center of gravity, 65 kg load capacity, 100 km range and all sturdy components, the ebike also happens to be perfect for the plumbers and their tools.

“We tested the KG4 for a couple of weeks. Turns out our toolboxes click in perfectly on the rear rack and if we need any other items they fit in the front box. We are now converting our fleet to KG4s because of great handling, load capacity and low service and maintenance costs,” says Wolgers.

Wolgers then took a KG4 on a 280-kilometer ride to the (relatively) nearby city of Motala to speak at a conference on using bikes in logistics. To get all the way and since he spent the night camping in the woods, he brought one extra set of fully charged batteries with him and also stopped for lunch at a restaurant where he could also get a quick charge.

Hugo Wolgers from Cyklande Rörmokaren and his Keego KG4 before his trip to Motala - Keego Mobility
Keego Mobility KG4 with Cyklande Rörmokaren's plumbing toolbox - Keego Mobility

Keego Mobility, Swede From Taiwan

As so many other bike companies, Keego Mobility hails from Taiwan, but Keego was co-founded by Swedish serial entrepreneur, Elias Ek, from the northern city of Sundsvall.

Ek moved from Sweden to the US in 1994 to study and then moved to Taiwan in 2000. He has founded several companies, but Keego was the first one to also set up an office in Sweden.

“We now run all of our EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) operations from our office in Sweden,” says Ek. “For me it is really great to now have a professional connection to my home country. And on our way of helping all the world’s 30 million couriers to choose green and clean ebikes, we are proud of also working with Hugo and his fantastic plumbers.”

Keego Mobilitys medgrundare Elias Ek med sin KG4 i Taipei, Taiwan

Couriers from companies like Uber Eats, Getir, Foodora, Foodpanda and many other leading delivery companies around the world are using their KG4s in their daily deliveries.

Magnus Wall, Sales Director EMEA for Keego Mobility, has long experience in the bike industry. He adds, “by enabling thousands of delivery couriers and professional craftsmen to switch to strong, professional ebikes, we can save enormous amounts of carbon as well as cut down on noise pollution in our cities. For every 33 km we ride on a bike instead of in a van, we save 1 kg of carbon emissions, so the benefits are huge.”

Look out for the environmentally friendly plumbers on their blue Keego Mobility ebikes in Gamla Stan and other parts of Stockholm.

August 23 – Meet Keego Mobility In Stockholm

If you are a Delivery Courier or otherwise interested in Delivery Ebikes and Sustainable Logistics, on August 23 from 11 to 17, you can come and test the KG4 at Keego Mobility’s test event on Medborgarplatsen.

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