Keego Mobility Debuts IoT-connected Delivery Ebike at Eurobike 2022

Jul 12, 2022
Keego Eurobike new release- next level delivery ebike- kg4

​Last Mile Delivery Industry Needs Vehicles with Low Maintenance and Advanced Anti-Theft Features


When ordering food deliveries, have you ever considered the climate impact?

The Last Mile Delivery market is growing exponentially but the convenience comes with an environmental cost, especially since many deliveries are done using fossil fuel mopeds.

Eco-mobility startup Keego Mobility is announcing their second purpose-built delivery ebike at Eurobike, taking place July 13-17, 2022 (Hall 8.0 / D09). Their new KG5 is designed as a bespoke delivery ebike with an IoT-connected security system and compatibility with industry leading smart locks and operator platforms.

By sending information about the status of the battery, motor and location to the cloud, the rider or fleet manager can better care for their ebikes for a lower total cost of ownership.


The KG5 delivery ebike is a fast, reliable, and comfortable ebike with ample range to last a rider their whole shift.

The step-through design makes it easy to get on and off and park the KG5 even when it is heavy with cargo.

With a cargo capacity of 65 kilograms, the KG5 can accommodate large orders.

According to Philip Corri, CEO for Keego Mobility, “There are today 30 million drivers who need a clean, fast and reliable delivery ebike which is low maintenance and includes advanced anti-theft solutions. That’s the KG5!”


Keego Mobility is announcing their partnership with two important partners.

LINKA is a leading maker of smart locks allowing Keego customers to quickly and safely park their ebikes, make a delivery and be back on the road.

“When making deliveries, it is the time from pickup to delivery that matters. Add in the prevalence of bike thefts and a good smart lock is a must,” says Corri, “we are proud to announce our cooperation with the original smart lock maker LINKA.” Visit the LINKA booth at Eurobike, hall 8.0 / K39.

Joyride is a leading software platform for micromobility operators. With the KG5, Keego is partnering with Joyride to market the next generation IoT that is fully compatible with the Joyride platform. With Keego’s ebikes and Joyride’s software, anyone can start a bike rental or sharing program.

“Many delivery drivers are renting their delivery vehicles and with the Joyride platform, our customers can quickly set up operations to service the hardworking souls who deliver food and groceries to us,” says Elias Ek, CMO of Keego Mobility.


About Keego Mobility®

Keego Mobility provides complete delivery solutions. They enable Last Mile Delivery companies large and small to lower total cost of ownership and environmental impact by using ebikes specifically designed and built for the heavy, commercial use as a delivery vehicle.



About LINKA®

LINKA offers world-class security and connectivity solutions for bikes and e-bikes for retail, fleets, and OEM partners, enabling urban sustainable mobility for the betterment of our planet, our people, and local communities.

LINKA Fleets is an asset tracking platform and lock-to solution that provides real-time analytics with seamless product integration – a complete end-to-end micro-mobility solution for direct-to-consumer and fleets.

LINKA Labs division focuses on custom OEM integration with 50 combined years of firmware, software, security, and connectivity experience.

LINKA Fleets website:

LINKA Lock retail website:


About Joyride

Based in Toronto, Canada, Joyride’s software platform enables micromobility operators to launch, manage and scale their shared fleets. Powering mobility companies in 100+ global markets, Joyride’s turnkey tech includes a white-label user app, backend management, payment gateway, hardware-agnostic integrations, long-term rentals and more.


Keego attending 2022 Eurobike with KG4

EUROBIKE 2022 | Keego Mobility


  • Date: JULY 13-17, 2022
  • Location: M0534Messe Frankfurt Hall 8.0 / D09

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