Paris Sets Top Speed Limit to 30kph

Sep 1, 2021
Paris Lowers Top Speed to 30kph

In an attempt to lower pollution and climate impact, politicians in Paris have voted for a new rule that sets the top speed for vehicles in the city to 30 kilometers per hour. They are also removing more than 40% of the city’s parking spaces.

The space gained from parking spaces are instead being used for wider sidewalks and bike lanes.

The key here will be if this big change will make people change to other modes of transportation like bus, subway or for that matter bicycles and ebikes. An article by CNN about this change to the traffic rules, they are quoting a delivery driver saying that it is crazy since it will increase traffic jams and slow down his deliveries. Research has shown that as much as 51% of deliveries by cars could be replaced by bikes and delivery ebikes like the ones manufactured by Keego. By law, ebikes are limited to a top speed of 25 kph. With all traffic limited to not much higher speed, of course ebikes becomes a more competitive mode of transportation.

Wider bike lanes and lower speed would also make it significantly safer for all bikers on the streets of Paris.

Will this work to significantly lower Paris’ emissions and carbon pollution? Time will tell but with the latest IPCC report showing that our window to limit global warming is closing quickly, drastic measures and redesigns are for sure necessary.


Photo Credit: Photo by Andreas Selter on Unsplash

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