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Delivery Bag Installation Guide

This guide will show you how to install delivery bags on an KG4 by Keego Mobility.


Tools Needed

  • Front and rear rack
  • Small and Large insulated bags
  • Disassembled fiberglass frame
    • Small insulated bag: 12 rods, 8 corner connectors
    • Big insulated bag: 12 rods, 8 corner connectors


  1. Prepare for Installation
    1. Before installing bag on the bike, please make sure the front and rear rack is fully installed on the right position from the ebike.
  2. Assemble the delivery bag
    1. Place the insulation sheet on the bottom of the bag
    2. Check the package inside, there should be 12 rods and 8 corner connectors; 4 on the bottom & 4 on the top (big and small bag accessories are same)
    3. Begin by laying out 4 connectors on a flat surface in a square or rectangle to fit the size of the bag. You can use the bag as a guide if needed
    4. Take 4 rods and push them into the bottom of the connectors until the bottom square is built out (be sure the rod is secure in the connectors before continuing)
    5. Add 4 rods vertically to the built-out square connectors
    6. Then take the remaining connectors and add them on top of the vertical rods
    7. Add the last 4 rods to the top connectors to complete the cube
    8. Place the cube frame inside the Insulated bag
    9. Use the velcro straps on the side to lock the frame into place
    10. Place the bags on the front and rear rack
    11. Use the plastic straps to weave through the platform and secure with the plastic fasteners
    12. Test that the bag is secure
    13. Completed